Warner Brothers London: The Making of Harry Potter

With all the historical sites, architecture and museums in and around London, one can easily miss out on a magical world only seen in the big screens.

Just outside the city center is the magical world of wizards that lasted over a decade in the big screens. But now, through the wizardry of Warner Brothers London, we can relive and be part of the world of the most famous wizard of them all, Harry Potter.

Warner Brothers: The Making of Harry Potter gives us a chance to experience the world of Harry Potter up close. From props, to sets, creature replicas and costumes, this Studio Tour is a must see not only for Harry Potter fans, but for sci-fi fans as well.

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter….

WB Studios

The Hogwarts Mess Hall

Hogwarts Mess Hall

Dumbledore’s Office

Dumbledore's Office

Costumes of the Death Eaters

Death Eaters

The “Creature Shop” was responsible for most of the masks, props and creatures.

Creature Shop

Part of the tour was outdoors with some cool sets on display! Here you can see the house where Harry was raised, the majestic Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Bridge and the Knight Bus among others…

The Hogwarts Bridge

Hogwarts Bridge

The Hogwarts Castle. This 1:24 scale diorama was used in the actual filming.


Hogwarts Model

The Knight Bus

Knight Bus

Harry’s Home on Privet Drive

Privet Drive

And finally, the Potter’s Cottage where Harry’s parents were murdered by Voldemort – the same night Harry got his lightning bolt scar.

The Potters Cottage

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